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Our Services

Every job is as unique as the person who requests it.


We will always work with you to find the right solution.


The ethos of our business is to give sound advice, excellent service, and have happy returning customers.​ 

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Full Upholstery Restoration

We are able to completely re-upholster a range of styles and periods. This means carefully removing old covers, peeling back the layers, and revealing the frame. This process brings new life into worn down pieces.


Custom Cushions

If it is a cushion, we can make it. Bench cushions, pillows, box cushions, bolsters, seat cushions and more.

Just let us know your requirements and we can offer a custom cushion making service to fit your need.

Wooden Chairs

Wood Refinishing

We have three levels of wood refinishing. 

First is touch up, for small scratches. Second is lacquer, where we add a fresh clear coat for shine. And finally our refinishing where we strip, sand, and stain (or paint) your show wood.

Living room

Lighter Upholstery Work

Not every piece needs to be completely re-worked. We will give you advice about whether a piece should be refurbished or simply recovered rather than stripping back completely to the bones of the piece.

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Bedrooms are meant to feel warm and inviting, your perfect reclusive space from the world. An upholstered headboard can make a world of difference in making a space feel more you.


Fabric Sales

We can do some interesting things, and you deserve quality fabric to bring your ideas to life. We have thousands of swatches in-house and can find something right for everyone.


Technical Repair

We can undertake a wide range of technical repairs.

From strapping, to springs, and even frames. We can help sort out any wobbles your beloved yellow chair might have.


Outdoor Furniture

Living in Canada, our outdoor furniture goes through a lot. The elements can really wear down pieces, but good news is we can help. We can create new custom cushions, and refinish any aged wood to get your backyard set looking fresh again. 


Pick-Up + Delivery

 Distance Based Price —  We’re pretty sure Uber doesn’t let you bring your yellow chair along for a ride to meet us. So we are here to help you out. We can pick-up most sizes of furniture, as well as return them once completed for a fee.


Want to Learn More?

Not sure what you need? Our consultations are always free. 

We love to talk shop, so you end up with the perfect piece for your home.  

If you're interested in a quote visit our online form.

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