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Frequently Asked Questions

We've put together a list of the most common questions and answers we see. If you don't see the help you need below please emails us.


What services do you offer?

Every job is as unique as the person who requests it. We will always work with you to find the right solution. The ethos of our business is to give sound advice, excellent service, and have happy returning customers.​ Some of our basic categories of work are:

  • Upholstery: We are able to completely re-upholster a range of styles and periods. This means carefully removing old covers, peeling back the layers, and revealing the frame. This process brings new life into worn down pieces.
  • Refurbish + Recover: Not every piece needs to be completely re-worked. We will give you advice about whether a piece should be refurbished or simply recovered rather than stripping back completely to the bones of the piece.
  • Bespoke Cushions: Pillows, box cushions, bolsters, seat cushions and more. Just let us know your requirements and we can offer a custom cushion making service to fit your need.
  • Custom Pet Beds: With our own quality control team, aka. Gary and Kia, we understand the need for a quality dog bed. We can create custom pieces for any pet, so they have the perfect space to snooze.
  • Headboards: Bedrooms are meant to feel warm and inviting, your perfect reclusive space from the world. An upholstered headboard can make a world of difference in making a space feel more you.
  • Fabric Sales: We can do some interesting things, and you deserve quality fabric to bring your ideas to life. We have thousands of swatches in-house and can find something right for everyone.
  • Foam Sales: Did your sofa take a beating this past year, we can help with that! We offer custom cut foam in a variety of thicknesses and firmess options.
  • Refinishing + Repainting: Decor trends change year to year, so we can undertake a range of technical repairs to frames and help sort out any wobbles your beloved yellow chair might have. We can also clean, polish and revitalize any visible wood.
  • Outdoor Furniture: Living in Canada, our outdoor furniture goes through a lot. The elements can really wear down pieces, but good news is we can help. We can create new custom cushions, and refinish any aged wood to get your backyard set looking fresh again.
  • Pick-Up + Delivery: We’re pretty sure Uber doesn’t let you bring your yellow chair along for a ride to meet us. So we are here to help you out. We can pick-up most sizes of furniture, as well as return them once completed for a fee. All services are curbside only, we do not enter houses.

What is 'Upholstery Grade' fabric? What is a Double Rub?

Double rub ratings are test results provided to us by our fabric suppliers and are helpful in your fabric selection when you are wondering how your fabric will wear over time. The double rub rating is what tells you how well a fabric will stand up to abrasion across its surface - and therefore if it is durable enough for upholstry. Our suppliers use a North American standardized test that is meant to simulate the type of wear endured from one fabric rubbing against the surface of another. For example when you sit on a dining chair wearing jeans. For this professional method of testing, the fabric is stretched over a wire mesh screen with a curved surface and placed into a specialized machine. A testing pad covered with a plain cotton duck fabric is then passed back-and-forth over the surface by a mechanical arm. Each back-and-forth pass is counted as one “double rub.” The test is typically run in sets of 5000 double rubs until the fabric begins to show “noticeable wear,” or two yarn breaks.

How does a Double Rub translate to everyday use?

Here is general guide that can help when making your fabric selection decisions: [Heavy Duty] 50,000+: Best for high traffic areas and contract work. Suitable for homes with kids or pets and often includes protective coatings. [Medium Duty] 15,000-50,000: Versatile. Good for living rooms or family rooms. [Light Duty] 9,000-15,000: We only reccomend this for decorative upholstery (ie. pillows) or suited to occasional furniture and lighter-use pieces.. [Delicate Duty] Less than 9,000: Recommended for more decorative uses like drapery. Not appropriate for use as upholstery.

Are you operating during the COVID-19 pandemic and does that effect your existing lead times?

Yes, we are open! But our operations have adjusted as there are delays from many of our suppliers. You will notice we have slowed down incoming quoting, as we do not want to promise timelines without materials in hand. We have also adjusted estimates to be valid for shorter periods of time, due to fluctuating material costs.

Is your shop open to the public?

Our workshop is open by appointment only. We do offer a curbside pickup and dropoff service, and we continue to offer our exceptional products and customer service.

Do you do in-home upholstery visits?

No we do not. At this time we do not plan to add this service in the future. All work is done on-site at our workshop. This means you will need to either drop off your items curbside to us, or book in our curbside delivery services for a fee.

What is your return policy?

Once completed furniture leaves our workshop the sale is final. As we do 100% custom and unique work this must be a rule for our business. We ask everyone to inspect items when picking up, as that is the time to ask questions. If a client would like a change made, or additional work completed, this will be done with a new estimate. For fabric purchases we are able to do returns with some of our suppliers, so long as the fabric has not been cut. There is a restocking fee that varries by supplier, and this can be a case by case discussion to get the best outcome for our clients.

Do you hold spots?

As we book quite far ahead of work, all spots are only held when a deposit is made, and quote pricing is only valid for 30-days. We will use the average price of fabric as a placeholder and take a payment that secures your spot in the calendar. This will be used towards your final total.

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