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Frequently Asked Questions

We've put together a list of the most common questions and answers we see. If you don't see the help you need below please email us.

  • Is your workshop open to the public?
    By appointment only. Our shop is an active work space. To keep clients safe we need to stop work to meet with anyone in the space. We do offer customers the opportunity to book fabric appointments one Sunday per month.
  • How does your process work?
    We operate digital first, followed by in-person appointment only when needed: We ask that you submit our form to start the estimate process An estimate will come (via email) using a placeholders for fabric cost until you select the final materials. All estimates are valid for 30-days. If you move forwards we send a 25% non-refundable deposit invoice, this secure your spot in line, and we provide an estimate work window. it is a window of time, as we are often booking +6-months out so there are many variables. Fabric selection is next. We ask you a variety of questions and use your answers to create a digital album fabric. You narrow this down digitally max 10 samples. We use those to either ship samples direct to your home, or as the inspiration for an in-person appointment (we book one Sunday per month as a fabric day). Once fabric (and finishes like nail heads, tufting etc.) are selected, you will receive a formal email listing finishes, and a final estimate with all your material choices noted. This is considered approved unless otherwise stated within 7-days. Next we order in the materials, they are intentionally ordered early so we can keep our timeline moving. At least two weeks ahead of your work start we will reach out to coordinate start date. At job start we require an additional 25% payment, and then work begins. Once work is complete we will email you the final remaining invoice and coordinate return. Payment is due before the work leaves our property, and you are encouraged to do an inspection of our work before you take it home as once work leaves our site it is considered final. Any items left over 7-days on site will be charged a daily storage fee of $10/day as our space is limited. Please view our full Terms of Service, and feel free to email us with any questions. As a reminder we never accept drop-in appointments.
  • What services do you offer?
    Some of our basic categories of work are: Full Upholstery Restoration Lighter Upholstery Work Technical Repair Cushion Creation Custom Pet Beds Headboards Wood Refinishing Outdoor Furniture Foam Replacement Pick-Up + Delivery See more information on our Services page.
  • How long do I wait, and how long does the work take?
    How long do I wait? On our Get A Quote Page we will always list the current month we are booking, and that moves regularly as clients book in. We book based on a 25% deposit system, and can give you a timeline window when you are ready to get started with your piece. Is is a 'window' as we are often booking several months ahead, and our doing our best to estimate work length at quoting stage How long does it take? This work is 100% custom each and every time. The amount of time it will take to complete a piece depends on the amount of work involved. Some very very very general ideas on work-days needed are as follows for just new fabric (no additional structural work or material needs like foam etc): Sofa (3-Person): 15+ days Wingbacks: 8+ days Occasional Chairs: 6+days Ottomans (Non-Storage Style): 5+days 6 Dining Chairs (Seat Only): ~3 days 6 Dining Chairs (Seat and Back): ~8days 6 Parsons Chairs: 14+ days Again, the above is an estimate based on the averages we see, they are not a guarantee. Some pieces will be longer or shorter in time needed based on the amount of work involved, and any surprises we uncover as we peel back the layers. As our workspace is smaller in size, we do our best to move efficiently though work, and appreciate our clients prompt drop-off and pick-up so as to not delay the overall timeline for others.
  • What fabric do you carry?
    Our workshop carries thousands of swatches in-house that vary from solids to pattern, woven to flat, and in price ranges for every budget. We work in textile and vinyl, but no leather at this time. Some of our most trusted fabric suppliers are: Charlotte Fabrics Ennis Fabrics JF Fabrics Barrow Elite Textiles Maxwell Avant Garde Kravet Inc We offer a complimentary fabric consultation for clients who have booked in work, or for a small fee to those looking to purchase fabric directly. We can send swatches to your home, or do an in person consultation to find you just the right material.
  • Do you do in-home or on-site upholstery visits?
    No, we do not. At this time, we have no intentions of introducing this service in the future. Our equipment is not mobile friendly, so all work is done on-site at our workshop. This means you will need to either drop off your items to us, or book in our freight services for a fee.
  • Do you do design consultations?
    Yes. One of the central aspects of the consultation is helping customers choose the right upholstery fabric. After collecting information about your needs, likes, and vision. Katie will present a wide range of fabric options, considering factors like durability, color, texture, and style. All with the intended use of the furniture in mind. This process can be done both digitally, as well as during our once monthly Sunday appointment day. We will do limited in-home consultations, and there is a fee associated for this, but please email us if you are interested.
  • Where are you located and do you pick up and deliver?
    We are located in Hamilton Ontario and we offer round trip freight services. Most clients deliver and pick up their piece, but when required we can pick-up most furniture, as well as return it once completed. We charge a distance based fee for this service and can gladly get you an estimate if we know your postal code. Our cost is for curbside service, to limit time in peoples homes. So please let us know if you require other accommodations to enter the home and any difficult movement required (i.e. there are stairs).
  • I only need cushions re-stuffed, how long would this take?
    If you have loose cushions with zippers then we can quite easily swap out old foam for new. Cushions being re-stuffed are typically a 3-day turnaround once the foam is in our workshop. We do keep some sizes and weights in stock, but if we need to order new foam we will not have a client drop off until foam is on site.
  • Do you do automotive or boat upholstery?
    No. At the moment we do not offer automotive or boat upholstery, however, we have excellent recommendations that we can offer you. Please feel free email us and we can point you in the direction of some of our upholstery friends.
  • Do you give quotes our over the phone?
    No, and we do not have a phone line for that reason. To give you an accurate quote and the best service possible we require detailed information. Please complete our form here to get started.
  • How much does it cost?
    Upholstery is 100% custom, so the cost is different for each piece. Different levels of restoration work require different materials and time commitments. Generally, the pricing is based on labour, plus the selection materials (eg. new foam, fabric, finishes like decorative nails), and any structural requirement additional costs (eg. new webbing, springs, or jute).
  • Is my furniture worth reupholstering?
    Sometimes yes, sometimes no. We are here to give sound advice, and sometimes that means telling you it isn't worth it. Honestly matters, and generally reupholstering is a wise decision if: Good Frame and Construction: If the item has a solid frame and well-constructed structure, reupholstering can extend its life and functionality. Durability: When the item has proven to be durable, lasting for many years, reupholstering can give it a new lease on life and further value. Comfort: If the item is comfortable to use or sit on and you want to retain that comfort, reupholstering can help maintain its usability. Sentimental Value: If the item holds sentimental value, such as being an heirloom or having special memories attached to it, reupholstering can preserve its emotional significance. Quality and Craftsmanship: High-quality or unique items that are difficult to replace with something similar may be worth reupholstering to maintain their craftsmanship and originality.
  • Why should I re-upholster, if it’s sometimes cheaper to buy something new?
    We are living in a disposable society. The current life span of most retail furniture only averages about ~5 years. Upholstery can offer your furniture a life span of anywhere between 5 to 20 years as we are working with higher quality materials and 1:1 focus vs. a factory setting. Ultimately, the decision to reupholster or buy new should be based on your specific circumstances, considering factors such as the item's quality, sentimental value, budget, and environmental concerns. Reupholstering is a sustainable and often rewarding option that can extend the life of cherished or high-quality furniture.
  • Can you change the overall style of a piece?
    In some cases yes, but we would really need to inspect and ensure that your money was being spent properly when changing the style of a piece. If you have any further questions please feel free to email or call us anytime.
  • Where do I get fabric?
    We carry a wide variety of fabrics and will help you with the entire process. This is what custom upholstery is all about. You get to select all the finishes so your piece is exactly what you want. We do also accept pre-approved COM fabric ('cutomer ordered material'). For all work where fabric is brought to us we charge a minimal COM fee. This covers the labour of cutting time, and the supplies needed for the job that would normally be included with the sales of fabric from us.
  • What fabrics are kid and pet-friendly?
    Most of our vendors provide durable, water repellent, and washable fabric. Ultimately it will be our goal to provide the best fabric to suit your needs as well as your overall design and aesthetic.
  • What is a Double Rub?
    Double rub ratings help define what is "upholstery grade" fabric. They are test results provided to us by our fabric suppliers and are helpful in knowing how fabric will wear over time. Our suppliers use a North American standardized test that is meant to simulate the type of wear endured from one fabric rubbing against the surface of another. For example when you sit on a dining chair wearing jeans. For this professional method of testing, the fabric is stretched over a wire mesh screen with a curved surface and placed into a specialized machine. A testing pad covered with a plain cotton duck fabric is then passed back-and-forth over the surface by a mechanical arm. Each back-and-forth pass is counted as one “double rub.” The test is typically run in sets of 5000 double rubs until the fabric begins to show “noticeable wear,” or two yarn breaks.
  • How does a Double Rub translate to everyday use?
    Here is general guide that can help when making your fabric selection decisions: Contract Duty +100,000: This is rated for commercial and very high traffic areas. It is typical for these fabrics to also have premium stain resistant coatings as well. Heavy Duty ranges from 50,000-100,000: Best for high traffic areas and some contract work. Suitable for homes with kids or pets and often includes protective coatings. Medium Duty ranges from 15,000-50,000: Versatile. Good for living rooms or family rooms. Light Duty ranges from 10,000-15,000: We only recommend this for decorative upholstery (i.e. pillows) or suited to occasional furniture and lighter-use pieces. Delicate Duty <10,000: Recommended for more decorative uses like drapery. Not appropriate for use as upholstery.
  • Can we bring our own fabric?
    We do accept upholstery grade material from customers. For this we do charge a COM fee that is a percentage of the labour price. Before using the fabric we ask that you share info on things like double rub count, and we reserve the right to reject non-upholstery grade material. We will not work with COM vinyl, we exclusively use Charlotte Fabrics vinyl. Before we start working we will advise the amount needed to be purchased for a solid vs. pattern.
  • Do you hold spots in your timeline?
    As we book many months ahead of work, all spots are only held when a deposit payment is received. This deposit is non-refundable. Quote pricing is valid for 30-days. We will use the average price of fabric as a placeholder and take a payment that secures your spot in the calendar. This will be used towards your final total.
  • Can I get a deposit refunded?
    All deposits are non-refundable 10-days post payment. This is stated in our email correspondence, and on all estimates and invoice. We follow the Consumer Protection Act regarding service based deposits. We do however understand things change, and will allow you to apply the deposit to another job within 365-days of your original quote date.
  • What is your return policy?
    We do not offer returns, as we are a service based company. Once completed furniture leaves our workshop the sale is final. Please see our Terms of Service for more. We do 100% custom and unique work, so this must be a rule for our business. We ask everyone to inspect items when picking up, as that is the time to ask questions. If a client would like a change made, or additional work completed, this will be done with a new estimate and SOW. For fabric purchases we are able to do returns with some of our suppliers, so long as the fabric has not been cut. There is a restocking fee that varies by supplier, and this can be a case by case discussion to get the best outcome for our clients.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    For payment, we prefer e-transfer, but can accept cash or cheque too. We cannot accept credit or debit cards at this time.

Want to Learn More?

Not sure what you need? Initial consultations are always free. We love to talk shop, so you end up with the perfect piece for your home.  If you're interested, get a free quote.

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